Today in the A: 3/24


Trae Young

About Last Night

Hawks 129 | 76ers 127

Another day, another masterful performance from Trae Young. The ROY candidate poured in 32 Points and 11 Assists including 21 and 8 in the first half and the game winning floater. Here’s the raw video from Phil of the game winner!

Apolos 36 | Legends 6

There are no nice words to describe them so here’s Stephen A Smith.

What’s up Today

GameTimeRadio | 6:00 | 1100AM | FacebookLive

Join Bob, Phil and E-Dub for GameTime Radio as we discuss all things sports this week.

ATLSportsHQLive | 8:45 | YouTube

Join Phil, Clark and Daric for a special edition of HQ Live.

Braves ST Vs Rays | 4:00

Just a few more tuneups for the Braves. Opening Day comes Thursday in Philly.

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