GameTime Radio Show Currently Looking For Sponsors


GameTime Radio is currently looking for sponsors for our show Sunday nights 6pm-7pm EST on 1100 AM.

We are a up and coming brand that broadcast sports talk and entertainment on Sunday evenings on the Real 1100am in Atlanta, GA. We are also streamed live nationally on iHeartradio and via the TuneIn radio app. We also allow for our fans to watch us live in studio on Facebook Live by just searching GameTime Radio. Joining us at the ground level is a tremendous opportunity which gives us flexibility on how we can better serve your business.

We want to help you increase the visibility of your business in 3 phases.

Radio Show Sponsor – Depending on your package we can put together a live read commercial for you and make you a title sponsor for one of our segments. Our show is also available in podcast format and your commercial will run there as well. How does “The official business of the Gametime Radio Show” sound? Yes, it sounds good to us as well.

Social Presence – So you probably paid $50 or so to get more visible on Facebook and that is cool. We can easily help you get your business more facial exposure on the social media front. We can promote you from close to 10-15 different Twitter/Instagram accounts with a reach of close to 10,000 followers. When you partner with us, it will be our priority to make sure your business goes with us everywhere we go. We stream our shows on our Facebook page so of course we can promote you from that page as well.

Web Presence – The Gametime Radio Show is a result of two brands joining each other. and are two very well-respected websites with good traffic. In addition to our Gametime Radio website we will be able to promote your business on 3 separate websites. That means our consumers are one click away from being redirected back to your website or social media.

We know …” this partnership sounds good, but how much will it cost me?” … Keep in mind that according to the IRS, advertising and marketing cost are tax deductible so if you need our info for tax purposes we can get that to you no problem. We know you don‘t want to give Uncle Sam that money, so why not partner with us? All our rates require 20% upfront for a deposit and the rest can be paid sequentially month by month.

We are offering specials to close out our first season. Because there is 6 months left in our 1 season we can work out a great partnership deal for you. Here are the two packages we offer:

Gold Package

6 Month Package (Apr – Sept) – Normal Rate – $1200 / $200 month

Radio Segment Sponsor (Radio & Podcast)

Customized production and Commercial for your business / Commercial will run on our show as well as other shows on the station.

Social Media Promotion on our social media accounts and our 10-15 affiliate accounts.

Website banner on our website (and our 2 affiliate websites)

2 Studio Appearances to promote your business

Silver Package

(Apr – Sept) Station Rate $900 / $150 month

Radio Segment Sponsor (Radio & Podcast)

Website banner on our website and our affiliate websites.

1 Studio Appearance to promote your business.

If you are interested in partnering up with us feel free to reach out to us via email at or We can also be reached on twitter Eddie @hawksbeat , Phil @_ATLPhil , or Bob @bowlinbob

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