Atlanta Falcons Draft Profiles: Cody Ford

One of the biggest issues for the Atlanta Falcons over the years has been having a good offensive line to protect quarterback Matt Ryan. With the Falcons past issues at guard, Cody Ford would be a great get for them at 14. Ford is 6’4 329 pounds. He is very athletic given his size and has the potential to be an instant starter for the Falcons. The good thing about Ford is that he can be both a guard or a tackle. He can be an excellent blocker as he has the ability to just run over defenders. Most scouts would compare Ford to Brandon Thomas given that Ford’s athletic ability and size is very similar to Thomas’.

One of the things that really stand out about Ford is his pass blocking ability. Whether he is a guard or a tackle, he should be able to handle speed rushers and power rushers. Many pass rushers that have gone up against Ford have had difficulty getting past him. Ford’s long arms and quickness gives him the advantage over pass rushers and ultimately gives the quarterback the amounted time that he needs to get the pass off.

The only thing to be concerned about with Ford is his injuries. In 2016 he suffered a broken fibula and suffered other injuries in 2017 which limited him to have seven starts over three years of eligibility at Oklahoma. The other thing is that he needs to be a bit more patience when moving up to the second-level on a play. These were really the only two concerning factors about Ford. Other than that, he has a very bright future for the NFL. No matter where he goes, he is only going to get better with the more experience and coaching he gets.

The good news for Falcons fans is that the Falcons have expressed a strong interest in Ford. They have already had a formal meeting with him. Offensive line is a big need for the Falcons and getting Ford could help solve their issues at right tackle.


By: Stewart Zwald  @SDZwald041599

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