What Are Georgia Tech Fans Most Excited For On Friday? A Preview From the Fans


Georgia Tech will have their annual Spring Game Friday night at 7:29 and this fan base can not wait. We asked the fans what they are most excited to see and they delivered!

The most talked about thing this off-season, besides the new coaching staff, is having a tight end in the offense for the first time in 11 years. As we all know, the triple option does not use tight ends but Dave Patenaude’s scheme uses one. The TE’s are led by UCONN grad transfer Tyler Davis and let’s hope that first toss to a TE was worth the wait!

Georgia Tech will also be looking for a new QB under their new system. The main trio you will see a lot of on Friday will be Tobias Oliver, Lucas Johnson, and James Graham. The only one with a god chunk of playing time is Tobias Oliver. Many remember him taking 40 carries and running all over Virginia Tech in Blacksburg this past season. The question is how will they look throwing the ball more and how will they look throwing the deep ball. Adapting to the new system shouldn’t be as difficult as most think but there will still be some bumps in the road.  Most fans are excited to see how they look, but there are some who are just looking forward to seeing more passes in general.

The WR’s and OLine have seen a bunch of shuffling under the new system, and that will certainly be a thing to watch for. The receiving core has added some new faces from other positions, but the offensive line is still pretty much in tact with the addition of grad transfer Jared Southers. The big transition in offenses impacts these two groups the most as the WR’s will obviously be running more routes and the OLine will be pass blocking more. Plenty of fans will have their eyes turned to this two on Friday.

As we have mentioned before, Coach Collins is brought in his own staff, which means there will be new schemes on both sides of the ball. We already touched on the new offensive scheme but the defense will also look different. Andrew Thacker hopes to bring the chaos he had at Temple with him to the 404. More press coverage is something that will be music to Georgia Tech fan’s ears and something they will be looking forward to seeing on Friday. Georgia Tech also will be trotting a safety duo of Tariq Carpenter and either Christian Campbell or Juanyeh Thomas, a duo that could be one of the best in the ACC.

It has been a long wait since December 26th, 2018, so some of us are just simply ready for football and experience this culture change. Even if it is just for one day, it always refreshing to just chill out in Bobby Dodd Stadium, stress free, and watch some football.

The energy is as high as it has ever been at Georgia Tech surrounding this football program. The players can feel it, the fans can feel it, and we all want to see a record turnout on Friday to see this energized team and the enthusiasm that we have been seeing in these hype videos. Oh, there will also be a Waffle House food truck.

And as always, the guests at the Spring Game. The recruits that will be in attendance will catch the eyes of fans but that isn’t everything. Coach Tashard Choice has promised the fans a special guest will be in attendance on Friday and it has the fan base eager to know who it is.

If you have nothing to do on Friday, or even if you, find a way to get to Bobby Dodd Stadium on Friday at 7:29 to support this team and get a glance at the future of Georgia Tech football.

By: Bret Anderson

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