Atlanta Falcons Draft Profiles: Christian Wilkins

Christian Wilkins could be the guy that the Falcons are looking for at DT. Wilkins is 6’3 315 pounds out of Clemson. He was five star prospect coming out of high school and had an outstanding career at Clemson. Wilkins was a team captain and left Clemson with 192 tackles, 40.5 tackles for loss, and 16 sacks. The possibility of having Wilkins and Grady Jarrett would be incredible for Falcon fans.

Wilkins can be a sleeper in this year draft because he doesn’t have what most of the defensive linemen in this years draft have which is size, speed, and athleticism. What Wilkins has is great experience at his position and a swim move that is very much like an NFL defensive linemen. He also does a great job at getting his hands up to disrupt passes. At Clemson, Wilkins had 15 passes batted down. The other great thing is that he can drop back into coverage on zone-blitz calls. This would work well if you send Beasley on a blitz allowing Wilkins to act as a linebacker into coverage.

The only thing that really hurts Wilkins is when he faces an offensive linemen with long arms. Wilkins size does puts him at a disadvantage and when he faces an offensive linemen that has good length like a Cody Ford then Wilkins can;t work well against that. He is also scheme dependent so whatever scheme Dan Quinn decides to run with the defense this season then he needs to make sure it is one that works well for Christian Wilkins.

Overall, Wilkins would be a solid pick up at 14. He is a guy that will probably be there at 14 for the Falcons. If the Falcons can’t trade up to get Quinnen Williams and Ed Oliver is gone, then if the Falcons want a defensive linemen go with Wilkins.

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