What to expect Tuesday for the Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks finished the 2018-2019 season with a 29-53 record and the 5th worst record in the NBA. On Tuesday, the Hawks will find out where exactly they will be picking in this years NBA draft. Now since the Dallas Mavericks did not finish in the top 5, the Hawks will also get the Mavericks pick thanks to the trade that they made with Dallas last season in the Luca and Trae deal. Dallas finished with the 7th worst record in the NBA, which helped secure the Hawks possibly having two top 10 picks in this years draft. Entering Tuesday night there are multiple different scenarios that can happen.

As of now the Hawks have a 10.5 percent chance at getting the number 1 pick. It is a slim chance, but the Hawks are not entirely out of getting the number 1 pick. The Hawks also have the same percentage for the number 2 pick and the number 4 pick. The Hawks chances for the number 3 pick is just slightly better than the number 1,2,and 4 picks. The chances for the number 3 pick is currently at 10.6 percent. As stated earlier the Hawks finished with the 5th worst record in the NBA, but only have a 2.2 percent chance at getting the number 5 pick. Now the Hawks chances do increase for the 6th and 7th pick. The chances for them to get the 6th pick is 19.6 percent and for the 7th pick the chances are 26.7 percent. As for the 8th and 9th pick the Hawks have a 8.7 percent chance at the 8th pick and 0.6 percent at the 9th pick.

One important thing to know for Tuesday is that the absolute worst that the Hawks can fall is to number 9. So regardless what happens the Hawks will land somewhere in the top 10, but that does not mean they can definitely have two top 10 picks. Dallas could land somewhere in the top 5, which would eliminate the Hawks of getting their pick. However, it is very unlikely that this happens, but that doesn’t mean that it could not happen.

A perfect scenario for the Hawks is to get the number 1 pick and get the number 6 pick. This would mean that the Hawks would get Zion Williamson and De’Andre Hunter out of Virginia or Cam Reddish who played at Duke with Zion. Many different articles and other outlets have said that the best place for Zion to go would be Atlanta. You put Zion on the Hawks with Trae, Collins, Huerter, with another shooter then Atlanta would be in the best position to not only win the East, but maybe even compete for a championship. It would also be a show every night to see Trae lob it up Zion every night and hearing a sold out State Farm Arena go crazy.

The worst scenario for the Hawks, as stated earlier would not be getting the Mavs pick and the Mavs getting any pick from 1 to 5. Considering where the Mavs ended the season, the Hawks shouldn’t have anything to worry about. The Mavs are expected to get the 9th or 10th pick. As of now they have a 50.7 percent chance at the 9th pick and 25.9 percent chance at the 10th pick. The most realistic scenario for the Hawks, based off all is the scenarios is for the Hawks to get the 6th pick and the 9th pick. It all depends on where the ping pong balls fall on Tuesday night.

The lottery draft is on Tuesday night at 7:00 PM on ESPN. Follow @ATLHawks_Talk for updates throughout the night and for everything Atlanta Hawks.


By: Stewart Zwald  @SDZwald041599

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