Atlanta Hawks Draft Profile: Nassir Little

Entering the 2019 NBA Draft, the Atlanta Hawks will have the 8th pick and 10th pick in the draft. One player that could be available at 8 is Nassir Little out of North Carolina. Little is a 6’6 225 pound strong forward. He only played one season at North Carolina, but played very well for the Tar Heels. During his time at North Carolina, Little averaged 9.8 points and played 18.2 minutes per game which is a little bit more than what most people expected him to do in his freshman season. He finished the season shooting 48 percent from the floor.

Little brings a lot to the table that the Hawks should like a lot. He does a good job of getting into the passing lanes and forcing turnovers, he is very active on perimeter defense, he finishes well and does a good job of fighting through contact to get to the basket, and he is a very athletic rebounder. Little knows how to use body well and can go up to get those rebounds against some of the bigger guys. Little has already been compared to Kawhi Leonard just based off of how he plays. He would definitely be a good fit for the Hawks and someone that can help bring a lot of energy to this young team.

However, there are two things to be a bit concerned about with Little. He can be inconsistent which was something that he showed some during his freshman year. If you look at his numbers last season especially in the NCAA tournament, you would see that against Washington he put up 20 points and shot the ball well, but against Auburn he struggled to get anything going. Now granted that Auburn did play well and won by 17, Little only shot 28 percent compared to the 72 percent against Washington. He struggled with the three ball last season. He only shot 28 percent from behind the arc. Despite these two things, he still is a solid player that the Hawks could get at number 8 in the draft.


By: Stewart Zwald  @SDZwald041599

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