Thank You Kent Bazemore

Picture Credit: @x_TH3_Truth_x on twitter

Thank you Kent Bazemore for your hard work, dedication and smile that kept the Hawks soaring thru the ups and downs . Five years ago you came to us as a 24 year old underrated forward with a lot to prove. You were an undrafted free agent and showed some promise on your last team before going down with a tendon injury. But that didn’t stop the Hawks from taking a chance on you and it damn sure paid off.

Your first year with the Hawks was more like your early career playing little minutes trying to fit in the new system, but the upcoming years you blossomed into a solid role player, helping the Hawks to their best seasons yet with some playoff success, eventually earning the 4 year 70 million contract you received in 2016. We watched you score your career highs, become a lock down defender, develop a 3 point shot and have some of the flashiest dunks in the NBA.

We will miss your growth and leadership with this young team and also the patented Baze Gaze that had everybody laughing. We wish you the best and hope you excel on your new team.

Thank You Kent

By: Evan Nix

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