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Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan |

Tonight Football returns and your Atlanta Falcons have been chosen to open it with the Hall of Fame game versus the Denver Broncos.

Julio Jones announced he will sit the whole postseason and most Falcons starters won’t play this game but it’s still plenty of reasons to watch. The Falcons are 0-8 in their last 2 preseasons and even though they don’t matter we still want to see what change the Falcons made and how it will affect this season.

The offense and defensive line are full of position battles, with young and old players looking to solidify their spot on the team. Coach Dan Quinn claims he’s bringing a new mindset to the Falcons and with a couple years of mediocrity. Some think he might be coaching for his job. He brags about a lot of the young players developing tremendously and can’t wait to see them shine this season. With Dirk Koetter back at offensive coordinator and Dan Quinn running the defense,the preseason will be big to get our rhythm together.

A lot of analysts pick the Falcons to go far this season. We have loads of talent, our stars aren’t getting any younger and fans are getting impatient. With a difficult schedule to start we need to use preseason to get our rhythm. Once again the Falcons are 0-8 in their last 2 preseasons. I’m not saying any preseason game is a must win but we can’t go 0-4 again. It would be a record to go 0-4 in 3 straight preseasons. This is the year the Falcons can shock the league and it all starts tonight at 8pm at Tom Benson Hall Of Fame Stadium.

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