Players to watch for against Clemson

In tonight’s matchup against Clemson, there will be a few players to watch out for on the Yellow Jackets side. One is the quarterback Lucas Johnson. Now nobody knows who will be the starter and everyone believes that the Jackets will use not only Lucas Johnson, but both Tobias Oliver and James Graham at the quarterback position. Johnson is 6’3 and has been plagued with injuries, but all throughout spring and summer Johnson has been the favorite to start. I would look out for him because he does have a strong arm and can run it some too.

Another player to look out for is safety Juanyeh Thomas. Thomas had a huge impact last season for the Jackets as both a returner on special teams as well as a safety on defense. Thomas has continue to grow and will only keep on getting better as the season goes on. I expect him to have an impact tonight in both the return game and as a safety. As we all saw last year the big impact he had in the Virginia game and he can most definitely have a major impact on this game.

Finally, the last player to watch for is wide receiver Jalen Camp. Camp showed some last year what he can do at wide out and will have the chance to show even more of it this season. Camp’s 6’2 220 frame will help him out tonight against Clemson and I think he will have a good game in this one. He and all the other wide outs will have their hands full trying to get separation against these Clemson corners, but Camp and the wide outs will get the job done.

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By: Stewart Zwald @SDZwald041599

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