Player Expectations: Cam Reddish

The Atlanta Hawks acquired Duke’s sharpshooter, Cam Reddish, with the tenth pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Hawks fans were elated to find out Reddish dropped to the tenth pick, when he was projected to be a potential top 5 player. Reddish’s lone season at Duke didn’t show the untapped potential Cam really has. His freshman year in college won’t have much of an implication on how his season will go.

I expect Cam to get minutes off of the bench for most of the year. Our lineup is very deep coming into the 2019-20 season. He will be a great leader for our second unit. Cam has a background at the point guard position, so he has experience as a leader. If Cam is orchestrating the offense for our bench, opposing teams will have to stay on their toes for the entirety of the game. If they decide to slack off a little when we sub in our second unit, we will run away with some of our games.

We will see Reddish average anywhere from 10 to around 15 points per game with, of course, an occasional 20 or 25 point outing. Reddish is a scorer, but he will be coming off of the bench. He is also coming off of a core injury that he played through all season for Duke. Reddish will be a volume shooter from deep, shooting around 38% from down town. Reddish will also average around 4 rebounds and 4 assists per game. Cam will fit right in with our system. He is a fast paced, 3-and-D type of player. He will be a great asset right of the bat.

I could see Cam making the NBA’s All-Rookie 3rd or even 2nd team at the end of this year. Many of the other rookies, including his Duke teammate, Zion Williamson, have talked about how great Reddish will be. They even voted him to have the best career out of the entire draft class. Hopefully Cam Reddish can live up to those high expectations.

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