College Park Is The Right Answer For The Atlanta Dream

Photo Courtesy Of Atlanta Dream

On Friday October 18th the Atlanta Dream announced that they would be moving to College Park and playing their home games at the new Gateway Center Arena. The Dream who had a forgettable 2019 season still managed to increase their attendance by about 2% over the 2018 season but still finished second to last in total attendance with 72,596. In the bigger State Farm Arena that holds 19,000 it often looked empty and never seemed to have that big game feel to it. The Gateway Center Arena seats 3500 and can be expanded to seat 5000 which means given the recent attendance figures the arena would essentially be a 17 game sellout giving it a more intimate game experience and the sound projection in a smaller venue will give it more of that big game feel to it.

The Dream completed it’s re-branding by also introducing a new logo scheme. The rising phoenix symbolizes the the city’s rise from the ashes of the Civil War to become a world city. The shooting star is left to represent the teams roots. The basketball represents the game itself and how the team pours its heart into each and every game. I think the logo is a great upgrade to what seemed like a dull color scheme before and I am excited to see it displayed both on the uniforms and around the arena next year.

All this combined with having the 4th pick in the 2020 WNBA Draft could mean for a potentially short turnaround back to prominence in the Eastern Conference for the Dream and fans should be excited for the future of this team and brand going forward.

Bob Lancaster


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