The Confusing Baseball Roster Rules

Baseball is a simple sport that anyone can understand. It also has some of the strangest and most complex rules of any sport. Let's take a look at roster rules, perhaps more confusing than the NFL Catch Rule. Currently, MLB teams have a 25-man roster (active roster) and a 40-man roster.

It’s Touki Time

(Ken Inness/ Touki Toussaint, a pitching prospect for the Braves, has done well through Atlanta's minor league system. However, it didn't always look that way for him. In his first full minor league season, he posted an 8.46 ERA in 28.2 innings. From there, he got better. His next season, in 2015,

The Bad News Broadcasters

(Photo Creds to Tim Williams | @timwilliamsart) For years, Chip and Joe have been the broadcasting team for the Atlanta Braves on Fox Sports South (FSS). There have been some good times, some not-so-good times. And it is about time that the Braves and FSS move on and find some replacements. Chip Caray is