ATL UTD 2/ Toronto FC II Match Recap

In a game where the goals didn’t seem to stop coming, it’s safe to say that my prediction for Wednesday’s match against Toronto FC II was just a bit off ( Coming Back Home) but I still picked the right team to win (Atlanta, of course). The difference between the actual end result and my …

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The Controversy with Kansas

It sounds like the opening line to a Rom-Com or a poor follow up title to the already poor Hangover Pt. 3. But if you’re an Atlanta United fan, it sounds like Wednesday’s match against Sporting Kansas City in a nutshell. “Let’s not talk about last night.”   Well, last night was Josef's early goal …

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2017-2018 Season Player Recap: Dewayne Dedmon

Hailing from the 2013 NBA draft, Dewayne Dedmon played a total of 62 games for the Atlanta Hawks this season and proved to be a great offensive weapon on the court. In those 62 games, Dedmon averaged 24.9 minutes of playing time, 10 PPG game, 52.4 Field Goal %, 35.5% 3-point %, 7.9 rebounds, 1.5 …

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