What Atlanta can learn from the Anthony Davis fiasco

It isn't often that a player the likes of Anthony Davis comes around. The man is a physical freak of nature-6'10", 36-inch vertical leap, and lightning-like quickness. For part of his high school career, he played point guard before an incredible growth spurt shot him to his current height, so

The Hawks are holding John Collins back

They would have a future superstar on their hands...if they used him correctly On Saturday night in what turned out to be a tightly-contested loss against the Boston Celtics, the Hawks blew a double digit lead and found themselves on the wrong side of the scoreboard and in need of points

The Hawks’ struggle for attention

The challenge for teams like the Hawks in the superteam era In the era of the superteam, it can seem to be a daunting task for smaller market teams like the Atlanta Hawks to vault themselves into contention and national recognition. Teams like the Warriors, Lakers (especially if they add Anthony

Georgia falls to Texas 28-21

The Dawgs came out flat against the Longhorns and never recovered After a week spent chirping on social media about their perceived snub from the College Football Playoff, the Georgia Bulldogs came out for the Sugar Bowl and proceeded to justify the committee's decision to keep them out, turning in one

Be thankful that the Hawks aren’t the Wizards

When the Hawks entered free agency in the summer of 2017 under the guidance of then-new general manager Travis Schlenk, they had a decision to make. They could resign Paul Millsap and Tim Hardaway, Jr. and keep a still productive Dwight Howard around and guarantee themselves to be back in

Why the Hawks shouldn’t prefer Zion Williamson

The dunking internet sensation may not be the best player for the future of the franchise I get it. Zion Williamson is a once-in-a-generation type of athlete. Perhaps never before has basketball seen a player that's built like a defensive lineman (6'7", 285 pounds) be able to jump 45 inches in

Georgia steamrolls UMass, 66-27

  In a game that was never expected to be close, the Georgia Bulldogs did what they were supposed to do and dominated the Umass Minutemen, winning the out-of-conference contest 66-27. The victory improved Georgia's record to 10-1 ahead of their rivalry game against Georgia Tech next weekend. While the game was