Who You Taking: Falcons Offense Or Defense?

With both units adding wrinkles to their sides, will the Falcons offense or defense be better this year? For years, the Falcons offense was always the unit you could count on. As long as they were scoring points, you didn't have to worry about anything. When they weren't scoring points, it

No Julio? No Problem

He still hasn't shown up? Uh Oh. These past 2 weeks haven't been the best for some Falcons fans. In fact, I can say since Matt Ryan got his new deal, Falcons fans have been angry. Now we add on that Julio Jones isn't showing up to OTAs and it's the

2017-18 Player Season Recap: Tyler Dorsey

The rookie had himself a decent season. A second-round pick in 2017, Tyler Dorsey didn’t have many expectations for his first season. It was evident the Hawks loved his shooting coming out of Oregon, and all they had to do was develop him into a great system player. He had struggles