The 2018 Falcons

Atlanta Falcons

Well, As of today, the Falcons at 5-9 are officially eliminated from playoff contention. I originally wrote a preview article predicting the Falcons at 12-4 at best, or 10-6 at worst. After what I have seen through 14 games, I do not want to see the Falcons in the playoffs. We

Falcons 2018 1st half schedule prediction

After a 10-6 mediocre season, the Falcons should do much better this upcoming season.   It is a blessing that the Falcons are no longer facing the AFC North in our schedule rotation this season. I would love to quickly blame our 1-3 record versus the division on Sarkisian, but cross-conference play looked

Clearing the air on Julio Jones

There is nothing to worry about, Falcons Fans.As you probably know, On April 23 of this year, Julio Jones scrubbed his social media of all Falcons related content, sending the majority of the NFL, besides confident Falcons fans, into a complete frenzy. Hours after this happened, there were trade rumors