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Phillip Veasley

Acuña, Freeman shine in NLDS Game 1 Loss


The first 7 innings of the game were as intense as the last 2, both for different reasons. 

The offense was not alive at all, save Acuña and Freeman, who totaled 5 of the team’s 9 hits. The team went 1-11 with RISP, with Dansby Swanson providing the only hit, and that was a sharply hit ball initially ruled an error (a double error truly, that got re-ruled as a single and an error).
Besides that, the offense looked as dead as the horse people are dragging about “watching fly balls.” Keuchel shined, going 4 2/3 IP and only allowing 1 run with O’day finishing the 5th scoreless. Shane Greene was shaky but provided another scoreless inning of relief in the 6th, and Max Fried threw the best frame of any braves pitcher, striking out 2 of 3 batters faced (the first two strikeouts of any braves pitchers) completely overpowering the opposition.
Things got a little shaky after that. Fried questionably should have stayed in, but with his skates to start game 4, there was hesitation. He was taken out for Chris Martin who has been reliable since Joining the Braves in July at the trade deadline. However, as he was warming up, he felt pain in his side and was later diagnosed with an oblique injury.
Luke Jackson entered in his stead and was less than great in his 5 batters faced, allowing one run to score. Melancon then came in to finish out the inning to limit damage and got out, but not before allowing an additional run to score, charged to Jackson. Melancon had a shaky top of the next inning, allowing 4 more runs before the Braves offense (Acuña and Freeman) vied for an unlikely comeback, scoring 3 runs off 3 home runs, but ultimately fell short, losing 8-7.
A hard fought game by the team and lots to shine from many players, but a lot left on the field. If the Braves can hit better with RISP, they should have no problem winning Game 2 against Flaherty, the Cardinal’s ace pitcher.
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Andrew Carter | @_andrewcc

Ronald Acuña Jr. Is In Reach Of The 40-40 Club This Season

The reigning National League Rookie of the Year has had an incredible second year so far. He has consistently held a batting average around .290, and has destroyed some baseballs along his way.

This All Star could become only the fifth player in MLB history to join the elusive 40-40 Club. To join this club, a player must hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases within a single season. The only players to do so are Jose Canseco in 1988, Barry Bonds in 1996, Alex Rodriguez in 1998, and Alfonso Soriano in 2006. Acuña could very possibly be on his way to joining these elite ball players.

After the game early on Wednesday against the Minnesota Twins, Ronald Acuña has 29 home runs and 26 stolen bases. He has 46 games left in the season to rack up 11 home runs and 14 stolen bases. Can the young phenom join one of the most elite clubs in all of baseball in only his second season?

Ronald Acuña is Participating in the Homerun Derby

Ronald Acuña Jr. is a confirmed Homerun Derby participant. This is super exciting for Braves fans. Acuña is hitting .295 with 20 homeruns.

Acuña is an electrifying baseball player, I expect nothing less at the homerun derby. The swag he plays with every day will be fun to see at the homerun derby.

Reed Tarleton |@Wagerson_17 Twitter/IG| @ATLSportsHQ Twitter/IG

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Looking at 5 potential trades the Atlanta Braves could make by/at the MLB Trade Deadline.

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The Atlanta Braves while up 6 ½ games on the Philadelphia Phillies could stand to make a few improvements. With Mike Foltynewicz optioned to AAA over the weekend and a lack of a solid closer, there is definitely the need for a few moves to be made. I will dive in to five potential trades that the Braves might look to make before or at the trade deadline.


Ender Inciarte, Kolby Allard, and Cristian Pache to the San Francisco Giants for P Madison Bumgarner and RP Will Smith.


This trade has been floated out by many outlets and seems to be the most plausible as the San Francisco Giants are rebuilding and have let teams know they are ready to sell. Madison Bumgarner will be a free agent after the season so any trade for him would be a rental and it’s obvious that he’s not the same pitcher he was two or three years ago. The one thing I really like about him though is that he has Post Season big game pitching experience which is something the Braves lack outside of Dallas Keuchel. Will Smith has done an excellent job as the Giants closer this year as he has not blown a save in 20 chances this year and has only been scored on once in his last 14 appearances. We all know the Braves could use a lock down closer to help push back other relievers into more set roles so this trade could benefit all around. The other reason I like this deal is because I don’t think it would devastate our deep farm system.


Ender Inciarte, Johan Camargo, and Kolby Allard to San Diego Padres for RP Kirby Yates


The San Diego Padres have started to let teams know that Kirby Yates is available in trades but that it won’t be cheap as Yates is relatively cheap and has another year and a half of team control. Yates currently has 26 saves with a 1.36 ERA. The Padres would love to add Ender Inciarte to their outfield as he has better range than Wil Myers in CF and Camargo could man second base until Luis Urias is fully ready. The problem with this deal is I don’t think San Diego is fully ready to sell while having a chance at the 2nd Wild Card. 


Johan Camargo and Cristian Pache to Detroit Tigers for RP Shane Greene


The Detroit Tigers are 22 games out of 1st place and Shane Greene has been one of the few bright spots to come out of the 2019 season for them. Greene has 21 saves and with just one blown save. His ERA is a miniscule 0.93 which the Braves would love to have anchoring the ninth inning. He also comes with another year of team control. The problem in this deal though is that the Tigers appear to be loaded with the same talent that the Braves want to unload at the trade deadline. They are a young pitching rich organization and aren’t going to be impressed with a name like Kolby Allard. They would love to add Johan Camargo who would play everyday but I think it would take either Cristian Pache or even Drew Waters to make them interested in any deal with the Braves.


Kolby Allard, Johan Camargo, Ender Inciarte,  to Texas Rangers for SP Mike Minor and RP Shawn Kelley.


Mike Minor has had a career rebirth in 2019 with Texas going 7-4 with a 2.52 ERA to start the year which has increased chatter of him being shopped at the deadline if Texas is out of the Wild Card race. Minor obviously has the familiarity of pitching in Atlanta having been with the Braves from 2010-2014 before arm issue derailed his career for a few years. Minor comes with another year of team control as well. Shawn Kelley has 10 saves for the Rangers with a 2.89 ERA in a bullpen that doesn’t really have a true closer. I just don’t see this being a deal that Alex Anthopolous would feel it making the Braves any better. Minor while having a great season will always come with the risk of injury as with other Tommy John surgeries. Shawn Kelley isn’t the shutdown closer the Braves need to get to the next step as he provides essentially the same numbers that current closer Luke Jackson has for the Braves.


Max Fried, Johan Camargo, Ender Inciarte, Touki Toussaint, and Crristian Pache to the New York Mets for SP Jacob Degrom and RP Edwin Diaz.


If you are gonna mortgage good young talent at the deadline I want the homerun of all deals. This essentially solves the two biggest needs of the Braves in one solid deal. A number one in Degrom and a solid closer in Edwin Diaz. The Mets are a disaster this year and thanks to their involvement in ownership Ponzi Scheme’s are cash strapped as well. DeGrom while having an off year this year has proven time and time again that he is a true number one and I think would benefit being out of New York and it’s terrible offense. DeGrom does come with a sizeable contract having just signed an extension that will take him to his age 36 season so that would be a concern in this deal. Edwin Diaz has 16 Saves with a 3.64 ERA and has 3 blown saves but I feel that is due to him not being able to handle the tough New York market that some players just can’t adjust to. He is coming off a dominating year with Seattle where he saved 57 games on a team that wasn’t very good. Although fun to talk about I don’t see this deal ever happening as it would involve two teams in the same division working out a trade and I just don’t see Alex Anthopolous giving up the haul it would need for a 31 year old starter whose numbers have declined and a closer who has struggled at times this year regardless of his past numbers. 


These are just a few possibilities out there and as teams fall out of contention many more players could become available as we get closer to the trade deadline. I think we all agree that some moves do need to be made if the Braves are going to be serious contenders going into the playoffs.


Bob Lancaster @bowlinbob


Braves Players Who Deserve Your All-Star Vote

The Atlanta Braves are playing well for the second straight season. They are currently first in the division. The team as a whole has played, but there are a few guys having a great start to the season. These guys deserve your all-star vote.

Dansby Swanson

Dansby Swanson is finally playing like a number one draft pick. The guy is on fire right now, he’s hitting .266 this year and has 13 homeruns. He’s not having the the year he had last year at short, but he’s not playing bad in the field either. Dansby has worked hard this offseason to improve at the plate and it has shown. Vote Dansby.

Freddie Freeman

This is obvious, but it still has to be said. Freddie Freeman is an allstar, the guy is tearing it up right now. Thats nothing new for him though, If he gets voted in (which he 100% should) it’ll be his 4th allstar game. This year really feels like an MVP caliber season for him, he’s showing that he’s the best first baseman in the league. Vote for Freddie.

Ronald Acuña

Last season’s Rookie of the Year is off to another hot start. His slash line sits at .287/.366/.495. He’s an electric ball player, he is a five-tool player. The perfect combination of speed and power, it’s a no-doubter he’s an all-star. Vote ACUÑA!

Brian McCann

Surprisingly the 35 year-old catcher B-Mac is having a career year. He’s hitting .286 in what could be his final season. He’s helped our young pitchers tremendously and he’s a great leader in the club house. Brian McCann is back in a brave uniform and he’s playing great, that should make Braves fans happy. If voted in it would be his first all-star appearance since 2013. Vote for Brian McCann, he’s a stud.

Ozzie Albies

Ozzie Albies, the switch hitting second baseman is playing really good to start 2019. Albies is hitting .279 with 10 homers. He’s also been playing at an elite level defensively. It wouldn’t surprise me if he won a Gold Glove this year. Ozzie is a spark plug in the braves lineup and is exciting to watch. Vote for him to be a 2019 all-star.


Even though you can’t vote for these guys, I still believe thier efforts should be recognized in this article.

Mike Soroka

This guy has got it figured out, he has a 1.92 ERA at 21 years-old. Forget making the all-star game, he might start it. The kid is filthy and has elite command, leaving hitters baffled. Not much more to be said than that.

Julio Teheran

Julio is pitching good, nobody is saying it so I will. Everyone is quick to hate on him, but he’s got a 2.94 ERA and a 5-4 record. He’s a real solid pitcher, no one calls him elite because he isn’t. This year though, I believe he’s playing like an all-star.

Reed Tarleton |@Wagerson_17 Twitter/IG| @ATLSportsHQ Twitter/IG

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Going Deep: Dansby Swanson Has Reached a New Level

BREAKING: Atlanta Braves Sign Dallas Keuchel

The Atlanta Braves have signed free agent pitcher, Dallas Keuchel, to a one year, $13 million deal. Atlanta has been going after Keuchel for a few weeks now. It has been between them and the New York Yankees to see who would land him. The Braves won that duel and Dallas Keuchel will make his Triple A start in Gwinnett on Saturday. This will likely be his only start before being called up to Atlanta.

Keuchel is coming off of his 7th season with the Houston Astros. He had a 12-11 record last year with a 3.74 ERA. Keuchel is a two time all star and a World Series champion. He also won the 2015 American League Cy Young award winner. That year, he had 20-8 record with a 2.48 ERA. If Keuchel can even come close to returning to his former Cy Young self, he will improve the Braves rotation tremendously.

Picture Credit: “Dallas Keuchel Rumors: New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves Are Top Suitors For MLB Free-Agent Pitcher.” Google, Google,


By: @SchmehlJared