Who Might The Braves See This Postseason?

2018 Atlanta Braves (Tomahawk Take) THE BRAVES WIN! THE BRAVES WIN! THE BRAVES WIN!!! The Atlanta Braves overcame all odds and clinched the NL East with seven games to go in the 2018 season. With the postseason only a week away, we want to know Braves fans, who would you like to

Braves Cold Takes

(photo via @braves) Like cold takes about the Braves? We thought so. I'll start with a few Braves fans hot takes, and then a LOT of cold takes from everyone--Sports Analysts, fans, you name it. Your's truly: https://twitter.com/AndrewC_Braves/status/979504727292444672 https://twitter.com/AndrewC_Braves/status/987505063538016257 @laurenbraves https://twitter.com/laurenbraves/status/726160290056904704 This guy did pretty good. https://twitter.com/Ian_rl_/status/991330221835145216 I can't get ALL of them, so send any into me and