QTNA Heading Into The Falcons Season

There are just some things we're eager to know. Training camp is just a month away, which means we're even closer to the season starting. Of course, there are things that some people want to know heading into the season. What are some questions that need answers? Will Duke Riley Have A

Who You Taking: Falcons Offense Or Defense?

With both units adding wrinkles to their sides, will the Falcons offense or defense be better this year? For years, the Falcons offense was always the unit you could count on. As long as they were scoring points, you didn't have to worry about anything. When they weren't scoring points, it

Which Atlanta team is closest to a championship?

A look at which team we can expect to bring the city its first championship in decades the soonest. As all Atlanta sports fans loved being reminded of, it has been over twenty years since the Braves delivered the city its most recent championship. Since then, Atlanta has experienced one of

Clearing the air on Julio Jones

There is nothing to worry about, Falcons Fans.As you probably know, On April 23 of this year, Julio Jones scrubbed his social media of all Falcons related content, sending the majority of the NFL, besides confident Falcons fans, into a complete frenzy. Hours after this happened, there were trade rumors