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Phillip Veasley

Players to watch for against Clemson

In tonight’s matchup against Clemson, there will be a few players to watch out for on the Yellow Jackets side. One is the quarterback Lucas Johnson. Now nobody knows who will be the starter and everyone believes that the Jackets will use not only Lucas Johnson, but both Tobias Oliver and James Graham at the quarterback position. Johnson is 6’3 and has been plagued with injuries, but all throughout spring and summer Johnson has been the favorite to start. I would look out for him because he does have a strong arm and can run it some too.

Another player to look out for is safety Juanyeh Thomas. Thomas had a huge impact last season for the Jackets as both a returner on special teams as well as a safety on defense. Thomas has continue to grow and will only keep on getting better as the season goes on. I expect him to have an impact tonight in both the return game and as a safety. As we all saw last year the big impact he had in the Virginia game and he can most definitely have a major impact on this game.

Finally, the last player to watch for is wide receiver Jalen Camp. Camp showed some last year what he can do at wide out and will have the chance to show even more of it this season. Camp’s 6’2 220 frame will help him out tonight against Clemson and I think he will have a good game in this one. He and all the other wide outs will have their hands full trying to get separation against these Clemson corners, but Camp and the wide outs will get the job done.

For more updates on all things Georgia Tech follow @wreckhavocatl on twitter. Kickoff between the Jackets and the Tigers is at 8:00 PM on the ACC Network.


By: Stewart Zwald @SDZwald041599

Avery Boyd commits to Georgia Tech

On Saturday, Coach Collins and his staff got very good news as Avery Boyd committed to Georgia Tech. Boyd is a 6’2 198 pound wide receiver out of Tallahassee, Florida. Boyd is yet another player from the state of Florida to commit to the Jackets and is the 7th commit in the 2020 class from the state. One thing that Jackets fans will love about Boyd is his ridiculous speed that he has. With his size Boyd can play both inside and outside which will give the Jackets offense great flexibility with Boyd.

Boyd is a great get for Coach Collins and his staff. He is the 21st commit to the 2020 class and with Boyd’s commitment the Jackets continue to have a top 25 class. Boyd committed to the Jackets over offers from Ole Miss, Florida, UCF, USF, and many other schools. For more updates on the 2020 class and all things Georgia Tech follow @wreckhavocatl on twitter.


By: Stewart Zwald @SDZwald041599

Derrick Allen Transfers to Georgia Tech

Coach Collins and his staff have landed yet another transfer. Derrick Allen a safety from Notre Dame is a big time get for Collins. Allen is from Marietta, Georgia and went to Lassiter High School. He was a four star safety coming out of high school. Part of the reason for Allen transferring is that he knew of how well Collins has developed DB’s and gotten them to the NFL. Allen is 6’1 204 pounds and definitely has the potential to be playing in the NFL. With the addition of Allen, the Jackets secondary has the potential to be very good in the upcoming years.

Allen will have to sit out this season, but will have three years of eligibility left. For more updates on things all Georgia Tech follow @wreckhavocatl on twitter.


By: Stewart Zwald @SDZwald041599

What Is Georgia Tech’s X Factor This Season?


Georgia Tech has made headlines for their shift from the triple optional to a more traditional spread offense. Those headlines, half the time, failed to mentioned the change on defense as well to a more blitz driven, man coverage attacking defense.

Regardless of how you look at the team, there is talent everywhere. The running back room is stacked. The wide receivers have plenty of talent headlined by Jalen Camp and Malachi Carter.  While the starting QB has not been named, you could not go wrong with any of the four battling for the job.

On the defensive side of things, the linebackers look solid as David Curry is the leader there and Bruce Jordan Swilling has transformed his body this offseason and is poised for a breakout year. The secondary is filled with talent as they are led by Sophomore Safety Juanyeh Thomas, who is also an elite return man for special teams. Tariq Carpenter and Christian Campbell(who actually has the most sacks for returning players) are battling it out for the other  safety spot but both will see the field. The other part of the secondary, the corners, are poised for a big year and look for the other Swilling, Tre Swilling, to have a breakout year as well.

This leads me to the X factor for the team, the trenches. Like I said, the leading sack returner on defense is a safety. The pass rush has to come from somewhere, and after the tragic loss of Brandon Adams, somebody has to step up and be a big run stopper up the middle. Sophomore TK Chimezda is a candidate to become that big force up the middle and Jaquan Henderson is a guy that I really like to step up and be that sack monster that this team needs, although guys like Kelton Dawson and Justice Dingle will contribute off the edge.

The other side of the trenches, offensive line, is a question mark, mainly due to the depth. In the open scrimmage, with a couple expected starters out, the depth did not impress as the blitz packages the defense was bringing out gave them trouble. If this group can stay healthy, they can hold their own, but that will be the big key.

Georgia Tech can win 3 games this season or they could win the Coastal. The talent on both sides has to come together, but it all starts in the trenches.

Bryce Gowdy Commits to Georgia Tech

Coach Collins and his staff continue to have an impressive 2020 recruiting class as they add yet another commit to the class. Wide receiver Bryce Gowdy out of Deerfield Beach High School in Deerfield, Florida becomes the 20th commit for the Jackets. Gowdy is 6’2 190 pounds and is an absolute huge get for the Jackets. Gowdy is the 6th Yellow Jacket commit out of the state of Florida. He is a big physical wide receiver and is considered to be a sleeper in his class. He has good hands and uses his size very well. Gowdy is going to be a very good wide receiver for the Jackets. 

Current Jacket commits cornerback Miles Brooks and quarterback Tucker Gleason played a role in Gowdy committing to the Jackets. Gleason is definitely going to enjoy throwing to Gowdy as he has good speed for a receiver of his size. Gowdy committed to the Jackets over offers from West Virginia, Oregon, Penn State, and Syracuse. With Gowdy’s commitment the Jackets have the 18th overall recruiting class. For more updates on the 2020 recruiting class and all things Georgia Tech follow @wreckhavocatl on twitter.


By: @SDZwald041599

Jackets get commit 17 and 18

Coach Collins and his staff today received two big time commits. Offensive tackle Wing Green out of Leesburg, Georgia in Lee County committed to the Jackets. Green is 6’7 270 pounds and is the fourth offensive linemen to commit to the Jackets. Green has very good size and is a very good get for offensive line coach Brent Key. Green is considered to be a top 50 player in the state of Georgia and is yet another player that fits what Coach Collins want to do which is to get recruits to stay in the state. So far Collins has done just that in this 2020 class as Green is the 10th commit from the state of Georgia. Green’s commitment does come as a bit of surprise as he did take his unofficial visit to Georgia Tech last Thursday and wasn’t expected to commit this soon.

The second commit the Jackets got was Khaya Wright out of Miami, Florida. Wright is a 6’3 200 pound defensive end. Wright is the fourth defensive end to commit to the Jackets. Wright is a great get for the Jackets. Based off of his film, he has very good speed for a kid his size and a good pass rusher. One of the big needs that the Jackets have needed over the past few seasons is a pass rush and Wright is going to help bring that. Wright committed to the Jackets over offers from Louisville, Nebraska, and Miami. Wright is also the 4th commit out of the state of Florida and was basically taken right out of Miami’s backyard.

Now with both Green and Wright commitments, the Jackets have 18 commits in the 2020 class and currently have the 15th best class in the country according to rivals. For the Jackets to have the 15th best class with the month of June coming to an end, shows the amazing work that Coach Collins and his staff are doing. For more updates on the 2020 class and all things Georgia Tech, follow @wreckhavocatl on twitter.


By: Stewart Zwald @SDZwald041599