Jarrett Culver Set To Announce NBA Decision On Thursday

Atlanta Hawks fans will have their eyes tuned into Lubbock, Texas on Thursday as a potential draft target for Travis Schlenk will announce his 2019-20 basketball future. https://twitter.com/jarrettc08/status/1118242941590437892 Jarrett Culver is a player that Hawks fans fell in love with throughout the Red Raiders March Madness run and it was easy to

2018-19 Hawks Player Recaps: Kevin Huerter

When the Hawks selected Kevin Huerter with the 19th pick in this past year's draft, many Hawks got an idea of what Travis Schlenk was trying to do, build another Steph-Klay type back-court. After year one, the future for this back-court looks extremely bright. Kevin Huerter had a terrific rookie season

Daily “Tank” Watch: 3/17

Zion Williamson

Hawks fans have plenty to look forward to in the last three weeks of the season. While the Atlanta Hawks look to be cemented into the 5th spot heading into the lottery the Dallas Mavericks are in free fall. Golden child Luka Doncic had the Mavs in borderline playoff territory for much

NBA Rebuild Power Rankings

Where does Atlanta rank among the best rebuilding situations in the NBA? Since the Philadelphia 76ers began intentionally sitting healthy players and dumping as much veteran talent as possible in an effort to obtain a higher draft pick, "tanking" has become a popular venture for NBA franchises who are tired of