Legends Stun Hotshots


The Atlanta Legends finally got their first win of the year last night. The Legends started the game with quarterback Matt Simms, but on one of the Legends’ drives Simms got sacked and injured his hand throwing hands. Backup quarterback Aaron Murray was put in the game and performed extremely well for the Legends. Murray completed 20 of his 33 passes and threw for 254 yards. He also had 7 rushes and had a total of 54 rushing yards. Overall, Murray stepped up and made the big plays happen for the Legends. He also showed head coach Kevin Coyle why he should be the starter from this point on.

To go along with the success of Aaron Murray, the Legends were able to run the ball well against the Hotshots. Running back Brandon Radcliff had a very good game last night. Radcliff had 12 carries and rushed for a total of 48 yards. Running back Denard Robinson also had a good game as he had 9 carries and rushed for a total of 43 yards. He also got his first touchdown of the season last night. Overall, the Legends finished the game with 145 total rushing yards, 254 total passing yards, and 399 total yards of offense. The Legends also scored 14 points which is a season high for them.

As for the Legends defense, they played a very good game. The Legends defense made history last night as they recorded the first safety in the Alliance of American Football (AAF). Legends defense also did a great job of not letting Arizona’s quarterback John Wolford get comfortable as the Legends were able to bring some pressure last night. They also held Arizona to 11 points which is the fewest amount of points the Legends defense has given up this season.

Up next for the Legends is the Memphis Express. The Express just like the Legends, picked up their first win over the weekend. This game will be a big game for both teams because it is a divisional game, but can also help keep their season alive as well. Kickoff is at 4:00 PM on Sunday March 10th. Follow @BirdsInTheBenz throughout the game on twitter.

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By:  Stewart Zwald  @SDZwald041599

Legends Travel to Arizona to face Hotshots


The Atlanta Legends are now the only team in the AAF without a win. The Memphis Express were the only other team with the Legends, but that changed last night when backup quarterback Zach Mettenberger was named the starter and he helped lead the Express to a comeback win as well as their first win of the season. For weeks now, many critics and fans including myself, have wonder will the Legends make a change at quarterback. Simms has shown that he is very inconsistent and so far this season he has thrown 5 interceptions on the season so far.

Against the Hotshots tonight, the Legends need to have success in the red zone. Last week against the Iron, the Legends had 4 trips to the red zone and got 2 field goals. So far this season the Legends have struggled with getting anything going offensively and it is long overdue to give Aaron Murray a shot at quarterback. The Legends have also struggled running the ball. In order for the Legends to have success tonight, they need to be able to have a balanced attack on offense.

Defensively, the Legends have played decently. The Legends front 7 has had success at times at stopping the run and in a way didn’t let Trent Richardson last week run all over them. However, the Legends defense has had costly penalties especially the illegal formations which is the defense rushing 6 men and in the AAF you are only allowed to rush 5. Legends defense also got called for a pass interference that set up a touchdown for the Iron.

In order for the Legends to win tonight they need a balance attack on offense, need to convert in the red zone, and not make costly penalties. Kickoff tonight against the Hotshots is at 8:00 PM. Follow @BirdsInTheBenz throughout the game on twitter.

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By:  Stewart Zwald  @SDZwald041599