Who You Taking: Falcons Offense Or Defense?

With both units adding wrinkles to their sides, will the Falcons offense or defense be better this year? For years, the Falcons offense was always the unit you could count on. As long as they were scoring points, you didn't have to worry about anything. When they weren't scoring points, it

How bright is the future for Coach Pierce’s Atlanta Hawks?

The future is bright for the Atlanta Hawks who are heading in a new direction. But is it the right direction?   With new head coach Lloyd Pierce being a defensive minded coach I suspect that during his first year, assistant coach Melvin Hunt will run the offense. Hunt described his offense


I have spent countless hours trying to forecast Steve Sarkisian's growth from last season to this season. Yes, I am aware of the 34 dropped passes from our elite offense, however, I still do not cut Sarkisian a break from last season. Kyle Shanahan had similar production in comparison to Sarkisian

No Julio? No Problem

He still hasn't shown up? Uh Oh. These past 2 weeks haven't been the best for some Falcons fans. In fact, I can say since Matt Ryan got his new deal, Falcons fans have been angry. Now we add on that Julio Jones isn't showing up to OTAs and it's the

What The Deadrin Senat Pick Means For The Falcons

With the Falcons needing d-line help, they drafted Senat in the 3rd round. The biggest talk for the Falcons in this draft was helping the defensive line. When you lose players like Donatri Poe, you have to go out and replace him somehow. The Falcons didn't have a lot of cap space,

Falcons sign DT Terrell McClain to a 1-yr deal

Former Redskins and Cowboys defensive tackle Terrell McClain decided that it was best to join the brotherhood Terrell McClain is coming off a down season after signing a 4-yr 21 million dollar deal with the Washington Redskins. During the draft it was evident that the Redskins were trying to replace him