Atlanta Falcons Mock Draft 2019 1.0

Now we must play the waiting game... The Atlanta Falcons are sitting at 4-7 on the season so in hopes to lift your spirits I will look to the future using's On The Clock Mock Draft Simulator. The Falcons have pressing needs at OG, OT, DL, and DB which need

ATL Sports HQ Live Episode 5

ATL Sports HQ members Phil, Bob, Daric and Tushar will be live for episode 5 of the show. They will be talking about Atlanta United and their playoff performance so far, SEC Championship, the Hawks, Falcons poor performance, Braves and end with Buy or Sell segment. Make sure you tune

ATL Sports HQ Live Episode 3

This week on the ATLSportsHQ Live Podcast @_ATLPhil , @DClemens_ , and @bowlinbob discuss the Atlanta Falcons pitiful game against the Browns, Hawks inconsistent play, National League Rookie of the Year, Atlanta United playoff run and more national sports news

Falcons Get Embarrassed in Cleveland

The Falcons flat out laid an egg in a crucial game on Sunday against the 2-6-1 Browns. The offense and the play calling were disastrous at times and the defense seemingly just took plays off, like on the 92 yard Nick Chubb TD run. This is was a terrible all

Atlanta Falcons Look to Overcome Key Injuries

The "Atlanta curse" continues to haunt the Falcons. On Sunday the Falcons explosive offense wasn't enough to hold off the division rival, Saints. As New Orleans came out on top in overtime, 43-37. However, this wasn't the most disappointing thing that happened on Sunday. The Falcons lost another important player on the defensive

2018 Falcons Player Preview: Tevin Coleman

Teco Raw. Tevin Coleman is full of speed. If you get him in the open field, it will definitely be a foot race to the end zone. He is what makes the Falcons offense so dynamic in the run and passing game. In 2017, Coleman had 628 yards and 5 touchdowns. When