How bright is the future for Coach Pierce’s Atlanta Hawks?

The future is bright for the Atlanta Hawks who are heading in a new direction. But is it the right direction?   With new head coach Lloyd Pierce being a defensive minded coach I suspect that during his first year, assistant coach Melvin Hunt will run the offense. Hunt described his offense

2018 Season Player Recap: Taurean Prince

Prince took the next step his second season. In his second season with the Hawks, Prince accomplished an impressive feat not many Hawks players can say they did. Prince started all 82 games this season while averaging 14.1 points with 4.7 rebounds and 2.6 assists. There were very high points for

This is why the Hawks Rebuilt

LeBron James just sent a harsh reminder to the rest of the Eastern Conference In case you haven't heard, LeBron James is pretty good at basketball. His most recent reminder of this came in a four-game sweep of the Toronto Raptors. Yes, the same Toronto Raptors group that was coming off

You Can Stop It Now Atlanta.

We get it Hawks, you can win games. What has gotten into this team? Winning 3 of their last 4? On a 3 game home winning streak? Have they forgotten what the goal is? It certainly looks like it. The offense seems to have turned it up a notch this past week, scoring over