The Atlanta Falcons have 3 good running backs and thats okay.

Lets get something straight today everyone. Devonta Freeman is a great running back and has showed that he will show up day in and day out. Some of the questions that have surfaced about Freeman are downright ridiculous. Such as, "Freeman is injury prone shouldn't we trade him?" Devonta Freeman is

2018 Falcons Player Preview: Tevin Coleman

Teco Raw. Tevin Coleman is full of speed. If you get him in the open field, it will definitely be a foot race to the end zone. He is what makes the Falcons offense so dynamic in the run and passing game. In 2017, Coleman had 628 yards and 5 touchdowns. When

How the Atlanta Falcons 2018 Draft Class Fits

The Atlanta Falcons selected a total of 6 players during the 2018 NFL Draft. Starting out with wide receiver Calvin Ridley out of Alabama that will become the Falcons third wide receiver on the depth chart. Ridley will give the Falcons another deep threat outside of Julio Jones that could

Atlanta Falcons interested in Cowboys FB Keith Smith

Dallas Cowboys fullback Keith Smith was set to be a restricted free agent heading into the offseason but it appears that won't be the case as they declined to tender him. Since the Falcons declined to re-sign Patrick DiMarco the run game hasn't been the same. The Falcons signed ex-Seahawk